Update of POEMS EMP04 and EMP05

POEMS EMP04 and EMP05 have been combined and updated to produce a new EMP04 - Environmental Impact Screening & Scoping. A SEB to announce the update and transition will be released in due course. On the release of EMP04 v4.0, a transition period will be in place until further notice. During this time, teams will be able to follow EMP04 and EMP05 v3.3 as previously. Once a new EMP05 v.4.0 is developed and released,  a full transition from EMP04/EMP05 V3.3 to EMP04/EMP05 v4.0 will be introduced. PDF versions of EMP04 and EMP05 v3.3 are provided below:

EMP04 Screening and Scoping v3.3

EMP05 Impact Priority Evaluation v3.3