Audit Question Set Section 3.3 Stakeholder Agreements

These questions can be used as an aid to assure that your project adheres to the policy briefed in clause 3.3 of the Statute Policy mandated by Defence Regulators which states;

Agreements between Stakeholders shall define and document system safety and environmental protection responsibilities.

- Policy Clause 3.3 Stakeholder Agreements

These questions address ASEMS Part 1, Clause 3.3 and DSA 01.1, Elements B, C, E and K.
Information Management
  1. How did the team differentiate between the types of S&EP information needed by different types of stakeholder?
  2. How are the agreements updated where necessary and protected against loss?
Organisational Leadership, Culture, Capability and Change Management
  1. How did the team determine which stakeholders it needed to enter into S&EP related agreements with?
  2. Who signed the agreements on behalf of each party involved and were they authorised to do so?
Risk Assessments and Safety Cases
  1. How do the agreements manage the transfer of risks associated with equipment being transferred from one party to another?
  2. How are agreements terminated where necessary?
Self - Assurance
  1. What internal and / or external oversight has been carried out to assure the adequacy and effectiveness of the above arrangements and their outcomes?

Covers assurance for policy clause

Stakeholder Agreements

Agreements between Stakeholders shall define and document system safety and environmental protection responsibilities.


Assures Procedures


Contracting for Safety

This generic procedure serves to outline the process of managing contracting safety.



Effective communication of the principles, goals and outputs of the Project Team’s Safety Management System and Environmental Management System is essential to the success of managing safety and environmental risks. It is important to ensure that relevant responsibilities are understood and that actions should be carried out in a coordinated and efficient way.


Stakeholder Communications

This procedure will enable the project team to ensure that environmental issues are appropriately managed, with all environmental responsibilities communicated. EMP02 will assist the project team in identifying stakeholders, define and agree project environmental responsibilities, produce an effective communication plan and assemble an environmental committee.


Impact Screening and Scoping

This procedure describes how to carry out a screening and scoping exercise to identify the project’s actual and potential environmental impacts and prioritise impacts according to environmental significance, business risk and ability to influence operational controls, allowing Delivery Teams to decide where to focus their efforts.


Project Safety Initiation

This procedure describes the start-up of safety management activities on a project. It identifies safety stakeholders, and legislative and other standards that should be satisfied. The procedure also creates the key elements of the safety management organisation for the project.


Safety Committee

This procedure describes the implementation of a Safety Committee, in order to ensure effective co-ordination between persons holding safety responsibilities.


Safety Planning

This procedure guides the development of a Safety Management Plan which defines the Safety strategy, ensuring acceptable Safety performance through life.


Risk Acceptance

This procedure provides guidance for the acceptance of risks based upon the evidence presented in support of the ALARP statements.


Safety Requirements and Contracts

This procedure provides guidance for defining the requirements of the Safety Management System (SMS), and how it will be demonstrated that safety targets have been met. The procedure also provides guidance for the development of contractual terms with external contractors where they are required.