Audit Question Set Section 5.6 Environmental Impact

These questions can be used as an aid to assure that your project adheres to the policy briefed in clause 5.6 of the Statute Policy mandated by Defence Regulators which states;

Significant environmental impacts shall be minimised utilising BPEO.

- Policy Clause 5.6 Environmental Impact

These questions address ASEMS Part 1, Clause 5.6 and DSA 01.1, Elements E, F, G and K.
Risk Assessments and Safety Cases
  1. How did the team identify those environmental impacts requiring mitigation and where are details of the identified impacts and their mitigations recorded?
  2. Where are details of the above recorded?
Equipment / Materiel and Infrastructure Design and Manufacture
  1. What did the team do contractually to minimise the number and levels of environmental impacts associated with its equipment at the point of delivery?
  2. Where are details of the above recorded?
Equipment / Materiel and Infrastructure Maintenance
  1. What has the team done to mitigate the environmental impacts of its equipment during the in service and disposal phases?
  2. Where are details of the above recorded?
  1. How has the team assured itself that its environmental impact management processes are adequate and effective and where are the results recorded?

Covers assurance for policy clause

Environmental Impact

Significant environmental impacts shall be minimised utilising BPEO.


Assures Procedures


Impact Priority Evaluation

The procedure provides guidance on how to assess the priority for managing the environmental impact. The aim of this procedure is to assign all the identified impacts to a priority of Low, Medium or High. This will determine which risks and impacts deserve further consideration.


Objectives and Targets

Setting objectives and targets are vital in helping to maintain environmental performance and drive continuous improvement. This procedure should help project teams identify objectives and targets related to impacts or aspects assessed as medium or high priority.


Environmental Impact Management

This procedure focuses on the management and reporting of high and medium priority environmental impacts associated with the project.


Operational Controls

An operational control exists to ensure an activity is completed in the correct/desired way. This procedure should assist project teams in identifying where operational controls are required and checking the adequacy of operational controls.


Continuous Review

Continuous review should ensure that outputs from all EMPs are kept up to date with overall project and other developments. A review should be part of a planned process of the revision of outputs as the project progresses in order to incorporate improved or amended information, or as the result of audit findings. This procedure assists the project team in continuous review and improvements to their projects