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A list of definitions for terms used throughout ASEMS documentation
Name Term description Sourcesort descending
Broadly Acceptable

A level of risk that is sufficiently low that it may be tolerated without the need to demonstrate that the risk is ALARP.

Black Box

Having visibility of only the externally visible performance and interfaces.

Def Stan 00-56 Issue 6
Best Practicable Means

In this term, ‘practicable’ means reasonably practicable having regard among other things to local conditions and circumstances, to the current state of technical knowledge and to the financial implications.

Environmental Protection Act 1990
Best Available Technique

A term used with reference to environmental management. The most effective and advanced stage in the development of activities and their methods of operation which indicates the practical suitability of particular techniques for providing in principle the basis for emission limit values designed to prevent and, where that is not practicable, generally to reduce emissions and the impact on the environment as a whole.

The Pollution Prevention and Control (England and Wales) Regulations 2000 SI No 1973
Best Practicable Environmental Option (BPEO)

A term used with reference to environmental management. The outcome of a systematic consultative decision making procedure that emphasises the protection of the environment across land, air and water.

The Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution, 12th report, 1988
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