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A list of definitions for terms used throughout ASEMS documentation
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Hazardous Substance

Any substance or preparation which is very toxic, toxic, harmful, corrosive or irritant or has a Workplace Exposure Limit (WEL) or any other substance that creates a risk to health because of its properties and the way it is used or is present in the workplace.


Adverse impact on people, including fatality, physical or psychological injury, or short or long term damage to health.

Def Stan 00-056 Issue 8

An item, event, activity, or situation with the potential to cause:
• injury, ill-health, or death;
• damage to or loss of equipment or property; or
• damage to the environment -
(An intermediate state where potential for harm exists)

Def Stan 00-056 Issue 8
Hazard Log

The continually updated record of the hazards, accident sequences and accidents associated with a system. It includes information documenting risk management for each hazard and accident.

Def Stan 00-056 Issue 8
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