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A list of definitions for terms used throughout ASEMS documentation
Name Term description Sourcesort descending
Risk Tolerability

A level of risk that may be tolerated when it has been demonstrated to be ALARP.

Adapted from Def Stan 00-56 Issue 4

Combination of the likelihood of harm and the severity of that harm.

Def Stan 00-056 Issue 8
Risk Management

Process that encompasses systematic hazard identification; risk assessment; hazard risk matrix; risk reduction and risk monitoring, evaluation, and review.

Def Stan 00-056 Issue 8
Risk to Life

Risk to Life addresses fatality and injury, but excludes damage to assets or the environment where no harm results. People should only be exposed to risk of harm where some defined benefit is expected and where the risks are adequately controlled.

Def Stan 00-056 Issue 8
Residual Risk

The risk remaining after risk reduction.

Def Stan 00-56 Issue 4
Reactive Systems

These management systems monitor and investigate occurrences of undesirable events in order to reduce the probability of recurrence.

JSP 454
Restricted Material

Material that is banned or controlled by legislation but is still permitted for specific uses.

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