20240319 - Update of S&EP Leaflet 09/2015 to Version 2.8

This notification is to announce the update of S&EP Leaflet 09/2015 – ‘DE&S’ Contribution to Mitigating Risk to Life Across MOD’ to Version 2.8.

A review has been completed and changes to the leaflet include:

  • Update to the definition of what needs Duty Holding (enhanced safety management) to match the HSEP Operating Model and CEO’s letter;
  • Allowing ODHs to appoint DDHs directly at Para 4.2, ensuring alignment with JSP 815 Element 5;
  • Removal of references to DSA 01.1 – Regulations.

Full details of the update can be found on SEB 058 within Supporting Documents. SEB 058 has superseded SEB 053.