Release of SEB 034

SEB 034 announces the release of S&EP Leaflet 16/2021 – Commercial Diving Acquisition. It has been recognised that there was a gap in corporate safety management system arrangements regarding the acquisition of commercial diving services. To ensure DE&S can meet the requirements of both the Diving At Work Regulations 1997 (DWR 97) and DSA regulations (DSA 02 DMR), it must ensure that it has suitable and sufficient arrangements in place to ensure the risks associated with diving activity, regardless of whether this is by contracted commercial, DE&S or Military divers. S&EP Leaflet 16/2021 describes DE&S’ policy for the acquisition of commercial diving services for DE&S sponsored diving projects and provides direction to Delivery Teams to ensure that their responsibilities under DWR 97 and DSA 02 are understood and met. Further details can be found on SEB 034.


S&EP Leaflet 16/2021 can be found within ASEMS – Part 2 – Guidance – GMP00