Update of S&EP Leaflet 12/2017

S&EP Leaflet 12/2017 – DE&S Requirement for the Management of Equipment Safety and Environmental Issues and Incidents has been updated to Version 2, the leaflet has undergone significant review and updating. The OCs maintain the overriding responsibility to ensure efficient handling of equipment-related events, where the event is of appropriate significance (Significant Safety Concern or Significant Safety Occurrence).The leaflet now contains a multiuser email address to send the completed Enclosure 1 form to, highlighting the issue to the QSEP, along with the journey the Enclosure 1 will take with the actions that need to be taken by the OCs and QSEP. An Event Tracker recording significant events will be made available with read-only access for future referencing.

The leaflet can be found within GMP00 and the update will be announced under a SEB in due course.