2.2. Communication

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This clause is part of policy clause section 2 Management Responsibilities. Management responsibilities for safety and environmental protection permeate through every Clause, and are the heart of any successful safety and environmental management system; however these Clauses confer specific requirements upon management and make compliance easier to measure.

Clause 2.2 of the Statute Policy mandated by DE&S states;

Operating Centres, Project Teams or equivalents shall ensure that communication procedures are implemented that provide an effective flow of safety and environmental protection information upwards, downwards and across their organisation.

- Policy Clause 2.2 Communication

This page links to all of the guidance and assurance that is necessary to fulfil in order to adhere to this policy.

Procedures Subject to Policy


Contracting for Safety

This generic procedure serves to outline the process of managing contracting safety.

Audit Question Set

Audit Question Set Section 2.2 Communication

The Audit Question Set used as assurance in order to adhere to the policy described in policy clause 2.2.