5.8. Referral Requirements

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This clause is part of policy clause section 5 Risk Management. Risk Management is an essential function of safety and environmental protection and these Clauses reflect that importance. They set both general safety and environmental protection standards and specific DE&S requirements that support the need for assurance and performance monitoring to the Defence Board. The requirement to refer risks through Line management is included here.

Clause 5.8 of the Statute Policy mandated by DE&S states;

Where risks cannot be managed within an individual’s delegated responsibility, the risk shall be formally referred using the DE&S risk referral procedure.

- Policy Clause 5.8 Referral Requirements

This page links to all of the guidance and assurance that is necessary to fulfil in order to adhere to this policy.

Audit Question Set

Audit Question Set Section 5.8 Risk Management

The Audit Question Set used as assurance in order to adhere to the policy described in policy clause 5.8.