6.1. Roles and Responsibilities

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This clause is part of policy clause section 6 Competence. It is necessary that those involved in safety and environmental protection are suitably qualified and experienced in order for them to perform their roles. These Clauses detail the way that competence is to be captured and assessed.

Clause 6.1 of the Statute Policy mandated by DE&S states;

Operating Centres, Project Teams or equivalents shall demonstrate that competence requirements have been established for all roles in accordance with appropriate standards including the DE&S System Safety & Environmental Protection Competence Maps, Assignment Specifications and Success Profiles.

- Policy Clause 6.1 Roles and Responsibilities

This page links to all of the guidance and assurance that is necessary to fulfil in order to adhere to this policy.

Procedures Subject to Policy


Environmental Management Plan

A fully resourced plan to manage potential impacts to the environment should be developed. It is likely that aspects will be known to the project team prior to commencement of the POEMS Process. This procedure should allow the project team to budget, resource tasks that may be required to assess the significance of the impacts from the project and to demonstrate that any significant impacts are minimised or reduced, as far as reasonably practicable.


Stakeholder Communications

This procedure will enable the project team to ensure that environmental issues are appropriately managed, with all environmental responsibilities communicated. EMP02 will assist the project team in identifying stakeholders, define and agree project environmental responsibilities, produce an effective communication plan and assemble an environmental committee.


Project Safety Initiation

This procedure describes the start-up of safety management activities on a project. It identifies safety stakeholders, and legislative and other standards that should be satisfied. The procedure also creates the key elements of the safety management organisation for the project.


Safety Planning

This procedure guides the development of a Safety Management Plan which defines the Safety strategy, ensuring acceptable Safety performance through life.


In-Service Safety Management System

This procedure provides guidance for sustaining safety performance by ensuring in-service arrangements are recognised and operated.

Audit Question Set

Audit Question Set Section 6.1 Competence

The Audit Question Set used as assurance in order to adhere to the policy described in policy clause 6.3.