4.1. Safety Cases

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This clause is part of policy clause section 4 Safety and Environmental Cases/Assessments . These Clauses contain the requirements that each safety and environmental case/assessment shall contain. Defence Regulators may require further, additional, requirements to what is contained in these clauses. Adherence to these Clauses will ensure safety and environmental cases/assessments contain the minimum evidence necessary to support safety and environmental arguments that Products, Systems and Services are safe to use.

Clause 4.1 of the Statute Policy mandated by DE&S states;

Delivery Teams (DTs) or equivalents shall establish and maintain through-life safety cases that provide a compelling, comprehensible, and valid argument that a Product, System, or Service is safe for a given application in a given operating environment. For Platforms and Large Complex Systems, DTs shall utilise the Safety Case Maturity Tool to assess the breadth and appropriate coverage of the produced safety case report and submit findings to QSEP for inclusion in the Safety Case Maturity Dashboard.

- Policy Clause 4.1 Safety Cases

This page links to all of the guidance and assurance that is necessary to fulfil in order to adhere to this policy.

Procedures Subject to Policy


Contracting for Safety and Environmentally Sound Products, Systems or Services

This generic procedure serves to outline the process of managing contracting for safety and environmentally sound PSS.


Document and Record Control

This generic procedure offers guidance on document and record control at a project level.


Safety Committee

This procedure describes the implementation of a Safety Committee, in order to ensure effective co-ordination between persons holding safety responsibilities.


Safety Planning

This procedure guides the development of a Safety Management Plan which defines the Safety strategy, ensuring acceptable Safety performance through life.


Risk Reduction

This procedure provides risk reduction guidance for hazards that have not been evaluated as being either tolerable or broadly acceptable and ALARP.


Risk Acceptance

This procedure provides guidance for the acceptance of risks based upon the evidence presented in support of the ALARP statements.


Safety Requirements and Contracts

This procedure provides guidance for defining the requirements of the Safety Management System (SMS), and how it will be demonstrated that safety targets have been met. The procedure also provides guidance for the development of contractual terms with external contractors where they are required.


Hazard Log

This procedure provides guidance for the continual recording of hazards, accidents and accident sequences, including risk management information, in the Hazard Log.


Safety Case and Safety Case Report

This procedure provides guidance on the development of a Safety Case and Safety Case Report. The Safety Case brings together all project safety information, forming a number of arguments which are summarised in the Safety Case Report.


In-Service Safety Management System

This procedure provides guidance for sustaining safety performance by ensuring in-service arrangements are recognised and operated.

Audit Question Set

Audit Question Set Section 4.1 Safety Cases

The Audit Question Set used as assurance in order to adhere to the policy described in policy clause 4.1.