ASEMS Part 2 - Guidance


The General Management Procedures incorporate guidance previously contained in S&EP Leaflets and other guidance common to both the POSMS and POEMS. Any policy contained within the S&EP Leaflets has been subsumed into ASEMS Part 1 - Policy

General Management Procedures

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Safety and Environmental Protection Leaflets

The S&EP Leaflets provide a mechanism for quickly promulgating essential policy and guidance updates. Collectively these leaflets make up GMP00.


Contracting for Safety and Environmentally Sound Products, Systems or Services

This generic procedure serves to outline the process of managing contracting for safety and environmentally sound PSS.



Effective communication of the principles, goals and outputs of the Delivery Team’s Safety Management System and Environmental Management System is essential to the success of managing safety and environmental risks. It is important to ensure that relevant responsibilities are understood and that actions should be carried out in a coordinated and efficient way.


Training and Awareness

Satisfactory completion of this procedure should ensure compliance with the above Clauses, as stated in ASEMS Part 1 - Policy.


Document and Record Control

This generic procedure offers guidance on document and record control at a project level.