ASEMS Part 2 - Guidance

At the core of ASEMS Part 2 are three Systems Manuals:

  • General Management Procedures (GMP)
  • Project Oriented Safety Management System (POSMS)
  • Project Oriented Environmental Management System (POEMS).

Each manual is designed to assist projects, and contractors, suppliers and advisors, to manage safety risks, and to apply the appropriate mitigation measures, and manage Product, System or Service to enable the delivery of sound environmental performance.

Compliance with the GMP, POSMS and POEMS will ensure that a Safety and Environmental Management System is robust, proportionate to a project’s levels of risk and is compatible with the Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) corporate reporting requirements.

The GMP, POSMS and POEMS consists of a number of procedures. Within each procedure there are defined objectives and outputs. 

In the Concept stage, the Core Procedures will be completed by the DT, with guidance from S&EP where necessary. After Concept, the work required to produce the Procedures outputs is likely to be completed by the equipment system contractor/supplier or for instance, by an environmental advisor retained by the DT. This means the DT’s role may be to complete the procedure or to manage the completion of the procedure by the contractor or consultants to produce the required deliverables and outputs.

All procedures provide recommended guidance and/or forms to help the user to produce the desired output(s). This guidance is mandatory.

Although developed primarily for Delivery Teams, a number of the POSMS and POEMS procedures make explicit reference to the roles and responsibilities of project stakeholders within safety and environmental management. As such, all stakeholders should familiarise themselves with the GMP, POSMS and POEMS.

These instructions are aligned to ASEMS policy and are considered sufficient to demonstrate compliance.