Release of SEB 042

This notification is to announce the release of SEB 042 - Removal of the System Safety Practitioner (SSP) Exam. The SEB documents the formal decision to remove the provision of the SSP Exam and therefore removes the requirement to complete the SSP Exam and supersedes any references made. This update comes into effect immediately.

Full details can be found on SEB 042 within Supporting Documents.

Release of SEB 041

SEB 041 announces the update of S&EP Leaflet 16/2021 - Commercial Diving Acquisition to Version 1.2. The leaflet has been updated following findings from the Defence Diving Standards Team audit of DE&S Diving Governance. Further details can be found on the SEB.

S&EP Leaflet 16/2021 can be found within ASEMS – Part 2 Guidance – GMP00.

Release of SEB 038

SEB 038 announces the update of S&EP Leaflet 07/2013 - MANAGEMENT OF HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES AND RESTRICTED MATERIALS to Issue 1.4. The leaflet has been reviewed and updated, further details of which can be found on the SEB. Issue 1.4 of this leaflet supersedes all previous Issues with immediate effect.

Risk Referral Templates

During the recent update to S&EP Leaflet 03/2011 - Equipment Safety and Environmental Protection Risk Referral - the templates in annex B were removed. After being requested, these templates have been made available once more and can be found as a seperate link within GMP00 S&EP Leaflets. 

Release of SEB 037

This notification is to announce the release of SEB 037. SEB 037 has been produced to mandate the use of Defence Standard 00-051 - Environmental Management Requirements for Defence Systems - for all new DE&S acquisition contracts and appropriate contractual renewals.  

Update to SSR Assignment Specifications within SEB003

During a recent Non-Statutory Inquiry (NSi) a recommendation was received to introduce a formal system of functional safety authorisation, delegation and accountability for hazardous material control in order to provide a clear line of responsibility and accountability for Statutory compliance below the ExCo. Hazardous Materials present a Risk to Life, to manage these it is considered a SSR responsibility to manage hazards associated with Hazardous Materials. The SSR Assignment Specifications within SEB003 have been updated to reflect this recommendation.