Update of SEP Leaflet 09 2015

SEP leafelt 09/2015 (DE&S Contribution to Mitigating Risks to Life across MOD) has been updated to version 2.3. The changes are limited to an updated list of DE&S Duty Holders (to remove SDA from this list) and alignment with the ASP taxonomy. 

The leaflet can be found within GMP 00 and the update will be announced under a SEB in due course.


Update of POSMS SMPs

All SMPs have now been updated to version 4.0. These updates include re-formatting of the structure to a more consistent layout and removal of duplicated text. The POSMS summary has also been updated. These changes do not impact the content of POSMS, only the presentational structure - further information can be found in the updates section of each SMP. A SEB will be issued to formally announce the changes in due course.


The Introduction of the Sustainable Procurement Tool

As part of the recent development of ASEMS, QSEP has been investigating embedding Sustainable Procurement (SP) principles more effectively within DE&S procurement activities. This has resulted in the introduction of a new SP Toolkit for Delivery Teams together with supporting guidance. The tool kit is intended to provide a proportionate and relevant approach for Delivery Teams to manage SP during the acquisition lifecycle.  

9th January 2017: ASEMS 3.0 is LIVE

ASEMS is now LIVE.

From the 9th January 2017 previous versions of ASEMS will be deprecated but still available for a short period of time on the Defence Gateway (registration required) within the Acquisition Systems Guidance (ASG) section for Safety & Environmental Protection

Browser Versions:  IE8 and earlier are not supported and do NOT work correctly with ASEMS - Please use a more recent version or another browser (e.g. Chrome, Safari or FireFox).