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All external links are being redirected into a single document (External Document References) to ensure that links are held centrally and need only be updated once should they change. 

The External References Document can always be reached from the 'Useful Links' section in the page footer. 

Internal linkages (to other ASEMS documents) remain in place.

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JSP815 and JSP430

Please note that: JSP 815 (Defence, health, safety and environmental protection) has been withdrawn and references to JSP815 have been redirected to DSA01.1 Defence policy for health, safety and environmental protection

JSP 430  MOD Ship Safety Management has been partially replaced by DSA02-DMR – MOD Shipping Regulations for Safety and Environmental Protection.  ASEMS may therefore contain references to both JSP430 and DSA02-DMR until JSP430 is completely superceded.